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Sunday, August 09, 2015 - 14.00 GMT
Piriven education should be enhanced to build disciplined bhikku generation with knowledge of Dhamma- President


The piriven education in this country should be enhanced to build a disciplined bhikku generation with knowledge of Dhamma, says President Maithripala Sirisena.

Priority will be given to boost piriven education among the actions to be taken to strengthen the religious activities with the new government to be elected from forthcoming General Election, he added.

The President made these remarks at a ceremony to unveil the newly built 18 cubits high Buddha Statue at Sri Priyadarshanarama Temple in Pulastigama, Polonnaruwa today (Aug. 09).

The President also pointed out that a well-behaved and obedient bhikku generation was produced within our piriven education. ”Though the university education has shown increase in various fields, scholars should pay their attention on whether a quality improvement has been occurred in the u piriven education”,he further stated.

President Sirisena pointed out that it is important to strengthen the piriven education in boosting the Buddhist education in a Buddhist religious environment.

The President who visited the temple in the morning engaged in religious activities. Ha also met the Chief Incumbent of the temple, acting member of the management committee of PulasthigamaPerakumbaMahaPirivena Ven. HambaranaRatanadhammaThero and looked into his well-being. The President also offered atapirikata to RatanadhammaThero.

A Na sapling was planted at the temple premises to mark the President’s visit to the temple.

VenDambaraAmilaThero and the Chief Minister of North-Central Province PeshalaJayaratne were among those participated in this religious event.





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