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Friday, August 14, 2015 - 08.20 GMT
All set for General elections 2015


All necessary arrangements have been made to conduct free and fair General elections on 17th this month.

There are 12,314 polling stations in the 22 administrative districts while the total number of registered voters for this General Election is 15,044,490.

125, 000 officials will be deployed for election duty on the day of the election. Ballot boxes will be delivered to the voting centers on the 13th. According to the Department of Elections more than 70000 officers will be engaged in counting of votes.

Postal voting for the General Election was held recently while 566, 823 people were eligible for voting.

Rallies and campaigns for the election will end midnight today (Aug. 14).

One hundred and ninety six (196) candidates will be elected from this election while twenty nine (29) more MPs will be appointed from the national list, in accordance with the proportion of votes received by different political parties and independent groups making a total of 225 Members of Parliament.





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