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Wednesday 01 October 2000




Dis-information and denigration
Detaining and questioning of Upcountry People's Front and UNP MP, P.Chandrasekaran in connection with the unrest in the hills points the possible political ramification of the Bindunuwewa carnage. The government has taken no chances in its customary role of restoring law-and-order, immediately afterwards the law enforcement machinery was put on top gear. Restricted curfew has been imposed in the areas for common good. Some law enforcement personnel who were in duty at Bindunuwewa Rehabilitation Centre are held for questioning. There are interested parties hell-bent on destabilising the country through the igniting of another round of ethnic riots. In crisis environments rumours could spread like wild fire and cause considerable harm. The LTTE's sinister hand has been manipulating events is plain to see too. Sections of the media seemed to be acting in concert with the enemies of the country.





Co-operate to restore normalcy
Unrest in the Nuwera Eliya District plantations with workers on strike, since last weeks Bindunuwewa incident was reported to be easing up. The workers were on strike in protest of the arrest of Upcountry Peoples Front Leader, P. Chandrasekaran. Mr. Chandrasekaran contested the Nuwera Eliya District last election on the UNP ticket and the UNP leader has already intervened on his behalf. The killing of the inmates of the rehabilitation camp did no doubt, raise emotions among the Tamils. Vast majority of Sinhalese considers this a barbaric act. It has to be noted after 1983, despite the most outrageous massacres of innocents, the majority community has acted with commendable restraint. Two busloads of Buddhists monks were slaughtered, vallages machine-gunned, pilgrims at the Sri Maha Bodiya slaughtered etc. today all Sri Lankans, including the goons for hire, know very well that communal violence is senseless.    

Follow up british investigations
The Island records with satisfaction on its role in getting the British Authorities to investigate British charity organisation believed to be LTTE fronts collecting money for terrorists.  





Ban communal parties 
It is evident that vested interests provoked mobs which went on rampage at Bindunuwewa, Talawakele and elsewhere. Upcountry People's Front Leader P. Chandrasekaran-one-time deputy Minister of the PA government now a UNP ally was taken for questioning while the CID and the government is hinting that some southern extremists may have capitalised on the LTTE plot in the Bindunuwewa detention camp. The UNP and others have proposed to the Government that urgent steps be taken to set up independent commissions to administer elections, police and the public service. The communal flare-up of the past week raises the question whether steps should also taken to disband or debar communal parties. As the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress changed its name to National Unity Alliance, established north-east parties need to broaden their base and goals if they are to continue in democratic mainstream politics. The TULF once considered as moderate but in recent times it appears to have bowed to terror of the LTTE. We have amended the constitution requiring MP's to take a pledge against any move to separate the country. If the general election 200 had anything to boast, it was the majority of Sinhala Buddhist especially in the rural areas rejected the racial politics of the S8inhala Urumaya and the Bhumiputra extremists.        





Favours of the tamils to the sinhalese incomparable
An event that took place at Watagaoda should gain the attention of all citizens, a group of Sinhala passengers travelling in the Udarata Menike Train were stranded due to mob attacks, they were taken care well by Tamils in the surrounding areas. There were people from various districts among the group who were stranded.  This is a very honourable act, which should be applauded. The group of Tamils who enjoined in this task should be commended. The Sinhalese and the Tamils like to live in a friendly atmosphere, but the LTTE wishes separatism. There is a minority of people in the plantations who are greedy for power and incite communal violence. There has been many occasions where the Tamil Community has kept examples to the point that they wish to live with the Sinhala and Muslim communities in harmony. There are also marriages among the different communities.  There are also instances where all communities at the same place make religious offerings. 





Attention before standing at ease
It seems that the political leaders of the country are acting with responsibility. President Kumaratunga has called upon authorities to take action on those responsible for the Nuwera-Eliya and Talawakelle incidents disregarding any party or political bias. Security forces have been restoring peace and normalcy since the presidents' announcement. The Leader of the Opposition has called upon the citizens of the country to act with restraint and responsibility. The JVP has called upon the people, not to get carried emotionally as interested parties are trying to create a communal blood shell under the guise of the Bindunuwewa massacre. These calls have eased tensions, which prevailed, in the country. The LTTE has internationally lost its grace as the saviour of the Tamil people. Now the LTTE needs to disgrace the Sri Lankan government and the Sinhala people of the country. The Daladha Maligawa attack was also aimed at creating communal tensions in the country. 





Whose hidden hands are these? 
Steps taken by the PA government under the auspices of President Kumaratunga in the aftermath of the Binduwewa Rehabilitation Camp massacre and the subsequent violence has caused some amount of relief. The consequence of such unfortunate incidents will not be limit to bloodshed and destruction alone. This will help the LTTE terrorists to get at its racial separatist goals. The LTTE wants to Portray Sri Lanka as a state, which harasses its minority communities.  This is another move of the LTTE to divert attention of the security forces as its losing its strength in the northern peninsula. The Government has been greatly appreciated from all sections for taking swift action to contain the situation.   



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