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In May 2009 the Sri Lankan government concluded a thirty-year struggle against an internal terrorist insurgency which affected all communities and divided the nation. Sri Lanka now has an opportunity to create a multi-ethnic, democratic and peaceful future for all Sri Lankans. To support the drive towards national unity and reconciliation after decades of division, an independent Commission on Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation has been established. It held its first sitting on Wednesday 11th August, an important landmark step for Sri Lanka as it returns to peace and stability.

The Commission is part of an ambitious wider package of measures taken by the Sri Lankan government to drive the process of reconciliation and create the basis for a stable, prosperous future. Other measures include rolling back emergency legislation; an accelerated programme of resettlement, which has already resettled 90 per cent of the 300,000 people displaced internally; rehabilitation and retraining programmes for former combatants, including child soldiers; and sustained investment the north and east of the country to create the economic basis for unity and integration.


The independent eight-person Commission brings together eminent individuals representing all of Sri Lanka’s communities. The Commission realises the enormous responsibility placed upon it at this important moment in Sri Lanka’s history. Its conclusions will be drawn from the experiences and observations of the Tamil, Sinhalese and Muslim people, all of whom have suffered greatly during the past 30 years.

Based on international examples of best practise, key areas of interest for the commission:

• How to prevent a conflict such as this happening again;
• Whether any people, group or institution bears any responsibilities for the conflict; and
• Restorative justice – the steps that need to be taken to compensate or restore losses, whatever nature or form they may take.

Sri Lanka is proud of its democracy and freedom of speech. As such the Commission will provide a mechanism for anyone that wishes to express a viewpoint in relation to its mandate.

At this crucial time for Sri Lanka and its people, it is helpful that the international community support the Commission and its efforts to build unity and peace. 




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