Commission on Lessons Learnt & Reconciliation (LLRC)     

LLRC report tabled in Parliament: "Security Forces had not deliberately targeted civilians in the NFZs" - LLRC [Full Story]
LLRC final report by May 15 [Full Story]
LLRC receives over 300 written submissions on missing persons [Full Story]
LLRC wraps up public hearings [Full Story]
LLRC hearings in Ampara & Monaragala [Full Story]
Allow domestic accountability process
– SL delegation at UNHRC
Invites Navi Pillai to visit [Full Story]
US Senate overlooked LLRC track record – External Affairs Ministry [Full Story]
HSZs shrink upon LLRC recommendations
256 houses returned to owners [Full Story]
LLRC wraps up public hearings [Full Story]
LLRC postpones Ampara visit [Full Story]
Govt. endorsed adoption of LLRC recommendations – Minister Peiris [Full Story]
LLRC begins processing evidence [Full Story]
LLRC hearings in Weli Oya [Full Story]
US spent 700% more than SL on war against terror
- Cabraal tells LLRC  [Full Story]
Floods postpone LLRC Ampara sittings [Full Story]
LLRC field visits: Large numbers give evidence [Full Story]
LLRC assures transparency [Full Story]
LTTE atrocities taboo for some – Minister Ranawaka tells LLRC [Full Story]
LLRC met former LTTE cadres [Full Story]
Visas for UNSG-Panel to meet LLRC  only– Cabinet spokesman [Full Story]
LLRC will not meet UN Panel outside SL [Full Story]
IAC, LLRC meeting:
Next of kin of detainees to be informed [Full Story]
UN SG Panel – LLRC will adhere to Warrant [Full Story]
Arrangements for UN Panel to make representations at LLRC  [Full Story]
LLRC sittings:
Buddhist monk makes submissions in Tamil  [Full Story]

Inter-Agency Committee holds first session
Assists implementation of LLRC Interim Communication  [Full Story]

LLRC hearings in Jaffna  [Full Story]
Sri Lanka among safest after terrorism defeat - Gomin Dayasiri at LLRC  [Full Story]
LLRC proposals:
Inter-Advisory Committee  to facilitate early implementation [Full Story]
All efforts taken to resolve land issues – EP Chief Minister to LLRC [Full Story]
ICG, AI & HRW has broader targeted agenda against Govt
- Ministry of External Affairs [Full Story]
Rights groups displayed most unattractive attitude
– Minister Peiris [Full Story]
Judge us on performance, not prejudice – LLRC to AI, HRW and ICG [Full Story]
Provide facilities to returned civilians – Harim Peiris [Full Story]
LTTE global network remains intact – Prof. Gunaratne [Full Story]
Changes to ease life in former conflict areas
- LLRC to President  [Full Story]
Not enough publicity for Muslims evicted by LTTE - Manik de Silva  [Full Story]
Language at core of communal disharmony - CWC  [Full Story]
Forces maintained zero civilian casualty rate at all times – Service Commanders  [Full Story]
More LLRC public sittings in N & E  [Full Story]
Bravery of soldiers helped prevent holocaust of 300,000 civilians – Jayantha Dhanapala  [Full Story]
Gov. committed to provide opportunities for all – Prof. Wijesinha ‘Evidenced by infrastructural development & targeted investment’  [Full Story]

Negligence of Tamil language a root cause of the conflict – Manel Abeysekera  [Full Story]
LLRC has important role in post-conflict accountability process – UK FCO  [Full Story]
No consultation with military before signing CFA – Former Defence Sec  [Full Story]
Sri Lanka, a model for humanitarian work – Defence Secretary  [Full Story]
LLRC records from North  [Full Story]
CFA was signed in haste with least discussion of text – Ambassador Goonatilake  [Full Story]

Sail to peace and tranquility through rocks of communal disharmony – Chairman LLRC  [Full Story]
Sri Lanka offers lessons to RP Peace issues Reconciliation commission will heal wounds of conflict - President  [Full Story]
Reconciliation Commission to hold public hearings in crisis affected areas  [Full Story]
Britain applauds appointment of Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission  [Full Story]
Commission on Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation holds promise – Hillary Clinton   [Full Story]
President appoints Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission  [Full Story]
Appointment of Commission on Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation approved   [Full Story]
President to initiate study on post-conflict Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation    [Full Story]
Reconciliation Commission to be established  [Full Story]





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