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2015 uehs 11 me'15'20
ue;sjrK l%uh ixfYdaOkh ms<sn`o fYaI idlPdjla - ckdm;s;=udf.a m%Odk;ajfhka


ue;sjrK l%uh ixfYdaOkh lr kj ue;sjrK l%uhla ia:dms; lsug wod< fYaI idlPdjla ckdm;s ffu;s%md, isfiak ue;s;=udf.a m%Odk;ajfhka wo ^11& miajref ckdm;s ldhd,fhaoS meje;aKs'

md,sfka;=j ksfhdackh lrk ishu mlaI kdhlhskaf.a iyNd.s;ajfhka mej;s fuu idlPdfoS ue;sjrK l%uh ixfYdaOkh ms<sn`oj bosm;a flreKq fhdackd ms<sn`oj oS> jYfhka idlPd flks'

ue;sjrK l%uh ixfYdaOkh lsug wod<j wud;H uKav,hg bosm;a l< lek m;s%ldjo fuysoS idlPdjg ,la jqy'

ue;sjrK l%uh ixfYdaOkhg wod<j bosm;a flreKq fhdackdjkaf.a ixfYdaOk yd ;j;a fhdackd we;ak tajd ,s;j ,nk 13 jkod oyj,a 12'00 fmr ckdm;s f,al ldhd,hg fhduq lrk f,io fuysos ckdm;s;=ud okajd isfhah'

tu fhdackd ms<sn`ojo kej; idlPd lsug yels nj ckdm;s;=ud mlaI kdhlhskag fmkajd kafka h'






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