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2015 uehs 22 me'15'30
ckrc kh wohs


%;dkH hg;a ;hla jYfhka meje;s YS% ,xldj mQK jYfhka ksoyi ,enq kh jk ckrc kh wo ^22&g fh ;sf'

%;dkH iska ykajd ka fid,an jHjia:dj fjkqjg YS% ,dxlslhka iska imdokh l< ckrc jHjia:dj md,sfka;=f iu; we;af;a wo jeks klh'

ish u rdcH jHjia:dms; wdh;kj, wo kfha fuu W;aij ieuu is lrkq ,ef'





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