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2015 uehs 25 me'11'30
merKs ys;jf;l=f.a iqj oqla ckm;s uihs


fmdf,dkakrej m%foaYfha meje;s jevigyka lsysmhlg iyNd.S jQ ckdm;s;=ud bka wk;=rej wo ^24& fojk f,dal hqo iufha yuqod Ngfhl= f,i lghq;= ;< ;u merKs ys;jf;l= jQ fidaujOk risxy uy;df.a iqj la uiSug ta uy;df.a ksjig .sfhah'

;uka ne,Sug meKs rdcH kdhlhd i;=gq l w;ka ms<s.;a fidaujOk uy;d ;u rij;a w;aoelS lsysmhla o ckdm;s;=ud iu fuys mejiSh'





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