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2015 uehs 27 me'14'19
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is,a wdrlaIl n<ldfha y;,sia oyila Ng msilf.a fiajh ksjerju iar lsug wod< Y%du jegqma iys; ia:sr m;a ,sms m%odkh lsu ckdm;s ffu;S%md, isfiak uy;df.a m%Odk;ajfhka ,nk 31 jeksod miajre 2'00 g cd;sl mdi,a lS%vdx.kfha meje;afjhs'

ckdm;s ffu;S%md, isfiak uy;d ish m%;sm;a;s m%ldYkfhka fmdfrdka jQ m is,a wdrlaIl n<ldfha y;,siaoyila jQ msi Y%du jegqma iys;j fufia iar fiajhg m;a lr ;sf'






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