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2015 uehs 27 me'14'20
ckdm;s kS;s WmfoaYl f,i *hsi uqia;d*d m;a flf


ckdm;s ffu;S%md, isfiak uy;df.a kS;s lghq;= ms<sn| WmfoaYl f,i lS;su;a kS;s{jrfhl= jk *hsi uqia;d*d uy;d iod m;a lr we;'

tlai;a ck;d ksoyia ikaOdkfha md,sfka;= uka;S%jrfhl= jk ckdm;s kS;s{ *hsi uqia;d*d uy;d j;auka rcfha .=jka fiajd lghq;= ms<sn| ysgmq rdcH wud;Hjrhd o f' uqia;d*d uy;d ksoyia mlaIfha ueo fld<U ixOdhl f,i o lghq;= lrhs'






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