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2015 ජූ,s 21  me' 15'30
YS% ,xld ksoyia mlaI kj wdik ixOdhljre ;sfofkla m;a flf


wiaidf,a, YS% ,xld ksoyia mlaI wdik ixOdhl f,i m%ikak fida,x.wdr uy;d m;alr ;sf'

ta uy;d wo ^21& ckdm;s ldhd,fha Y%S ,xld ksoyia mlaIfha iNdm;s" ckdm;s .re ffu;S%md, isfiak ue;s;=ud w;ska ish m;a ,smsh ,nd .;af;ah'

m%ikak fida,dx.wdr uy;d fldldj;a; uq,af,ahdj m%dfoaYsh iNdf iNdm;sjrhd f,i lghq;= lf<ah'

f w;r ud;f,a YS% ,xld ksoyia mlaI ixOdhljrhd f,i wis; bks,a jEf.dvfmd, uy;d iy jdhfmd, wdik ixOdhl f,i wdkkao fm%au;s,l ch,;a uy;d ckdm;s;=ud iska m;a lr ;sfnk w;r ta uy;ajrekao wo ckdm;s ldhd,fha ckdm;s .re ffu;S%md, isfiak ue;s;=ud w;ska ish m;a ,sms ,nd .;ay'





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